[guadec-list] Drupal Theme Submission


I've tried to upload my theme to the Themes image gallery but there seems to be a problem and my connection to beta.gnome.org gets reset... 

The following are links to the screenshot and the theme files.

Screenshot: http://www.tavon.org/site/files/guadec_screenshot.png
Theme: http://www.tavon.org/site/files/guadec.zip

The theme is functional, drupal 4.7 compatible, but incomplete.  It still needs a lot of work, such as a front-page template, customized templates for each node types, styling the forum, comments...etc.

You can install the theme and test run it.

Here are some of the strengths of my theme:

1. IE/Safari/Firefox compatible - They work in these 3 browsers.
2. Completely scale/resize-able... Some images such as the blocks don't scale because I didn't bother to include a larger background, but the rounded-corners and the navigation don't break when the user increases their font-size.  I tried to use em's where it was possible.
3. I've included several backgrounds for the blocks, which can be interchanged by editing the CSS files...
4. The Templates/CSS are ready to be expanded on.  I've broken the CSS and template files into logical components.

Here's the "Reasons why I'm qualified" requirement...

* I've been using Drupal for the past couple years and I have experience building customized Drupal sites as part of my freelance work.  I'm familiar with the Drupal's core/module/theme system and I've worked with many clients to build Drupal sites.
* I can do IA work and PDD/wireframe work for both guadec and gnome.org.
* I've been active in the Drupal community and I'm becoming more involved. 
* I'm the project leader for the Korean translation team and I run the Drupal Korea community site.
* I am a gnome user. :-)
* I like F/OSS and I want to contribute to the gnome project.
* I just graduated from college and I'm have time while I look for a job. ;^)

I'm currently working on another Drupal site and I need to finish it by this weekend... I apologize for not submitting a finished/polished theme, but this will have to do until I have time starting next week.

Well, I think that's it... If there are any questions please let me know.

John Hwang

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