Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design settled - need content work

--- Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> a écrit :

> About the brochure itself...
> GUADECS. We are selling
> a conference with 6 editions in the back, all this
> live and energy is
> not present in the brochure. Where is the people?
> There must be 2-3 good
> pictures out there. Please bring them.
> - Danilo, will you have some free time this weekend?
> We can meet on IRC
> and work together the last details. The objective
> would be to get a 0.99
> version to be sent on late Sunday the latest, so
> people can sed
> feedback/corrections on Monday. On Tuesday we will
> have new GUADEC logo,
> we apply it to the brochure and DONE.
> Brief feedback page by page so you know where I come
> from.  :)
> 1: ok
> 2: less text, bigger font, bigger GNOME foot, what
> about including
> previous GUADEC logos, they look good.
> 3: right yellow column out, so we have less
> information and more space.
> I'd keep that column on even pages but not in odd
> pages. Opening the
> brochure looks nicer, I think.

Can you name the actual column you want to quit to be
more concret.

> 4: I would use the column for previous sponsors,
> showing their logos.
> Only the big ones that paid, not the media/travel
> sponsors. And not of
> Stuttgart only, previous years as well. Sponsors
> need to see how
> generous their competition have been and can be this
> year as well. The
> featured speakers could go in the main column, as
> content. Not only
> Stuttgart, previous years as well.

I disagree here, what about the main text I proposed
for this page ? I think sponsor brand are well known
enough and I would rather emphasis on speaker like it
is right now.

> 5: I'd put here cornerstone, gold and supporter
> packages. No need for
> more, maybe just a comment at the end insinuating
> other possibilities
> are negotiable: contact us. In any case we need big
> contact us details.
> 6: The current content would go out. This is useful
> to get a nicer back
> page (8).
> 7 --> 6: The form would be simplified. Yet we need
> it as official
> contract of sponsorship via fax or letter. What
> about offering an .odt
> and/or similar formats downloadable that sponsors
> can fill and send by
> email.

The form is a _lot_ of work to modify so we'd better
be really sure of what package we want to propose.

> 8 --> 7: Ok, terms and conditions. The board should
> have a look at them.
> And to the rest of the brochure, of course, but
> specially jrb should
> approve explicitely what it's said there.

Isn't that why I've been asking feedback on form ?
Please concenr people, say something !

> 8: A clean, white back page with the GNOME & GUADEC
> logos, GUADEC URL,
> basic contact details and a small "Thank you!" wink.

That was planned but it is the easiest and quickest
> Sorry for not giving proper feedback before, I
> didn't have time/mental
> room enough...

Putting apart that I disagree with some changes,
that's a LOT of changes to be done for this weekend.
Quiting things can be has time consumming as adding
things if not more. I already spent many hours on it
(basically 4 to 5 hours daily on it). I won't be abble
to handle all that changes you are actually asking to
re-organize 75-80% of the Brochure !

I'll be on IRC tonight, we should try to find a
smaller changeset if we really want to finish by

BTW, page 2 is actually a right page. The page behind
the cover is generally blank.

Ludovic Danigo


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