RE: [guadec-list] 30/jan #guadec meeting log

--- Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> a écrit :

> (21:11:59) qgil: i.e. Danigo is doing a good job
> with the brochure, but
> we have other examples

Thanks, it still need work.

> (21:21:04) qgil: the brochure is needed to contact
> sponsors - in
> previous years (my impression is) GYADEC has got
> funds thanks to
> personal contacts, but this year it seems we are
> weaker on this
> (21:21:33) qgil: and the brochure is needed to get
> sponsors in Spain,
> were saying"hi, we are the GNOME guys" is just not
> enough

Can't agree more, you can't go to Renfe (national rail
company) or Estrella Damn (Main catalan cerveza
producer, for social event ;-) ) just saying it's
GNOME, you know, sponsor us !

> (21:27:19) qgil: just one more thing, the main free
> software event in
> Spain is held in Málaga in few weeks:
> (21:27:46) qgil: I will be there and I want to bring
> some brochures
> printed with nice colors to give them to the right
> people there

That wouold be great !

> (21:29:57) qgil: the design is done, only the
> text/concepts need some
> tweaking

> (21:37:58) qgil: I mean, the foundation has a US
> account
> (21:38:13) qgil: but most attendes are european
> (21:38:40) qgil: maybe we could save a lot of money
> just opening an
> account to handle registration and then make a
> single payment to that US
> account
> (21:38:52) qgil: opening an account in Spain/Europe
> I mean

I *might* be able to open an account with fees from
few to zero thanks to a contact in Caixa Catalunya.
Maybe offering some kind of counterparty would ease
the thing (like the right to hold a stand or

Ludovic Danigo


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