Re: [guadec-list] 30/jan #guadec meeting log

--- David Neary <dneary free fr> a écrit :

> My ideas are:
> Simon Phipps (invitation gone)
> Someone from OSAF (Mitch Kapor or Ted Leung, not
> sure it's relevant enough)
> Someone from Google (Ben Collins-Sussman or Jon
> Trowbridge)

*hint*hint* ;-)
Just seen on OSnews :

Google's Dan Kegel will be keynoting at the 2006
Southern California Linux Expo on Feb 12th. He will be
giving a presentation titled "Why doesn't Johnny run
Linux? Or, Overcoming Desktop Obstacles". Dan will go
over some of the main issues identified by the recent
Desktop Linux Survey and Desktop Linux Architects'
meeting at OSDL, as well as his own list of issues,
and what's being done to solve them.

Ludovic Danigo

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