Local bank account (was Re: [guadec-list] 30/jan #guadec meeting log)

En/na Ludovic Danigo ha escrit:

> I *might* be able to open an account with fees from
> few to zero thanks to a contact in Caixa Catalunya.
> Maybe offering some kind of counterparty would ease
> the thing (like the right to hold a stand or
> something).

Opening the account itself is not the problem. The complexity falls in
defining who is responsible of the money and the accountancy.

What makes sense is probably to have a local bank account for zero-small
commissions on money transfers of registration and sponsorship within
Spain (also Europe but rates go higher), and to pay travel/accomodation
expenses and petty cash. And having the Foundation US account for the
rest. At the end of GUADEC the money remaining in the local account is
transferred to the US account, we close the account and end of story.

Maybe this bank account could belong to the Vilanova council or
university, so we don't fall as individuals of getting a tax warning or
something for having a bank account on your name of thousends of euros
moving here and there. Or GNOME Hispano, a constitued organisation.

I don't know the tax/accountancy implications of this.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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