Re: Technological/scientific sightseeing suggestions?

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
I arrive in Stuttgart already on the 27th, in the morning, and intend
to spend at least one day doing general touristy things. I'm wondering
whether there are any interesting sites in Stuttgart or vicinity
related to the history of science and technology? Places where
prominent old natural philosophers worked? Civil engineering
landmarks? Old mines? Anything of special interest to a railfan? I
know about the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums, but cars aren't
really my cup of tea.

Which is more interesting for a daytrip, Esslingen (where the GUADEC
tour goes) or Tübingen? Or even Heidelberg (which is only 40 min by
train from Stuttgart)?


There's the Johannes Kepler Museum in his hometown Weil der Stadt, but I must confess I have never been there after four years. It is possible to go there with the S-Bahn (metro). (German)

Then there is the salt mine Wilhelm II in Bad Friedrichshall, which is some 60 km. from Stuttgart (good train connections, takes 1 hour to get there). Near it is medieval town Bad Wimpfen which is always worth a visit. (German)

Then there is also the Sinsheim Technikmuseum, with all kind of vehicels: trains, airplanes, tanks, boats, submarines, etc. But it half way to Heidelberg.

I know also there is a train museum somwhere in the south, but I don't know where. There is also the possibility to go on some gas powered locomotives.

Hope that helps!


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