Re: New version of the schedule

Wow! This is great...and looks heaps better...plenty of time for a break
between talks..and things end a little earlier ;)

Just from my perspective, I had figured that 'The GNOME Desktop - Where
the heck do we go from here?' would be a BOF, based on Seth's talk, if
he gets to perhaps swap with one of the Spanish talks on the
Friday? [1]

Also, I convinced Mark McLoughlin to do the 'Creating Applets ain't so
hard' tutorial/talk which is great because he wrote it afterall ;)

I guess the next thing is to mail gnome-hackers and see who complains
next ;)

		Super stuff,
			Glynn ;)

[1] I kinda wanna see Nils' talk too ;)

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 17:48, Gregorio Robles wrote:
> 	Hi,
> 	after hearing your suggestions and comments, I've made some changes to
> the schedule. These are the major points:
> 	* BOFs have been put on Friday (from 18:00 - 19:30). I've programmed
> three BOFs that could handle three different topics in order to get
> hackers distributed among them (and avoiding having 200 at the same time
> as Havoc said).
> 	In the meantime, in the hall we'll have two talks in Spanish, so users
> will have their conference and hackers will not have to worry about
> talks they're missing.
> 	* 30 min breaks have been scheduled every two hours
> 	* Presentations start at 10:30 and end at 19:30. The first day we'll
> begin 45 min earlier (we should be fresh by then) and the last day we'll
> finish a little later, because of the closure ceremony.
> 	* I've tried that tutorials going at the same time have a different
> target audience.
> 	* Michael's talk on Bonobo is not a keynote anymore, but has been put
> as one of the important talks on Saturday.
> 	comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome.
> 		regards, Gregorio

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