Re: New resources for accomodation in Seville! (follow-up)

El Sunday 03 March 2002 11:27, Daniel Pisano escribió:
> According to what I have recently learned, the information given by me
> about the Bib Rambla apartments being very near the G³ conference center
> is _wrong_! There has been a gross misunderstanding and great confusion
> on where this Escuela de Ingeneros actually is (I still have no
> address), but it appears now to be in the western part of Seville, not
> in the northeastern part (which would be near the airport and near Bib
> Rambla and the McDonald's and the hypermarket)!

Well, Javier Linares gave the answer to you yesterday in the organizers list. 
But here it is again :-)

The *complete* address of the Conference Center is:
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros
Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n (no number)
Isla de la Cartuja (we can say that this s the 'quarter'), Sevilla
And you can find the best map with info about how to reach the Escuela here: 
(it is a big URL, so copy-paste, don't click)
I'll try to collect all this information and put it up on

Well, wish i'd helped you.

greets from Seville.
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