Request for sponsorship

Hello there.

I need to know whom to send requests for sponsorship to.
The sponsorship would be for Mr. Mel Boyce [syngin] of Adelaide,
Australia (The GIMP documentation team) and for myself, Daniel Pisano
[docpi] (Geeks Rule!-workshop).

Since I already booked both my flight and organized the accomodation of
nine to twenty (this is being resolved today) attendants, I am liable
for paying for a whole house as I put down my credit card for reserving
the place. Also, I did not get insurance coverage for covering the
return costs for the ticket as I was trying to minimize the costs for
reimbursement. An insurance would have burdened the sponsorship program
by 100 EUR more or so.

Detailed lists can be sent to anyone with appropriate authority.

Thank you for your attention,
Daniel Pisano
also on behalf of Mel Boyce.

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