Re: gtranslator on lpia hardy


Andrés, a few months ago I built gtranslator 1.9.5 and made it available
in my ppa. However I did not test the hardy package for any architecture
and I never tried it in jaunty in lpia. If you want to give it a try
here's the link:


António Lima

Ter, 2009-08-04 às 19:35 +0200, Andrés Maneiro escreveu:
> Hi there,
> I'm trying to install last version available for gtranslator in my
> laptop. I have a lpia architecture (mini dell 12") with hardy heron
> installed. I have tried this backport, but it seems to be related to
> karmic, not hardy:
> Is any way there to get a pre-compiled package of gtranslator 1.9 for my
> kind of system?
> Thanks in advance,
> amaneiro
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