Re: Gtranslator Translation Memories UI

Pablo Sanxiao írta:

In the attachment is a first version of the translation memories UI in
If you have some comment about it, I would be very glad of hearing it.

Basically, I like it :)

But it could be better:
-The Shortcut column is too wide, wastes too much screen real estate. The "Ctrl+" part is not necessary*, a single number is enough. -The Level column is also too wide. I admit that this graphic representation is much sexier than a simple number, but this aspect is irrelevant*. Especially if the whole table is sorted by this column.
-The Level column should be the second after the Shortcut.
-Why mean the too wide columns problem for me? Because I'd like to see the original strings, of course! :) These should be in the fourth column.

*: I think Gtranslator's target audience is the experienced translator, who is not new to this open source thing (I saw such people, even Launchpad's simple UI was too difficult for them, and they ran away sceeming when I showed them Kbabel ;)), but wants to do his job done quickly. So he appreciates a rather functional and simple UI, not an eye candy like one.

Gabor Kelemen

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