Survey on usage patterns of CATs and open source software


I'm passing on this IMO very interesting message that turned up on the
Linuxfortranslators list.

I'm not quite sure whether to pass it on to the i18n lists, so I figured
I'd start with these two lists, then let someone who is more in the loop
today than I am decide.

It's a chance to make your voice as a translator heard, and for those
who want to, a chance to participate and/or contribute to open source
tools for translators.

I've already done the survey, and I can recommend it.

The more translators that contribute, the better the results :)


The message:
Hello together,

the Linux Solutions Group e.V. (LiSoG) is supporting the initiative
Forum Open Language Tools (FOLT) initiating a Translation Open Source
Systems (TMOSS) [1]. FOLT has published an excerpt on this topic [2]
(currently only in german. English version is in progress). LiSoG is
doing an online survey to find out the pattern of use for translation
memory software and the acceptance for using open source software in
general. The survey is available in German [3] and English [4].

Please step by and check out the survey. It is quite an interessting
project and the FOLT guys are really up to pushing the development of an
Open Source translation memory system. Just give them input about your

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -

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