Re: [Gtranslator-devel] VGS

>  Inventors: Mercier, Philippe; (Sterrebeek, BE)

Ah-ha. So now we know. The patent is held by Telelingua Software, see:

Several translation memory apps make use of sharing memories over a network. 
Trados and SDLX are two notable examples. Is there really any big difference 
between sharing over a network, and sharing over the Internet? Let's have a 
race to patent the sharing of TMs over an ISDN line. What next? A patent on 
on-line mailing lists for translators? :-)

>I don't know anything about them except of JCAT<

The Internet is inherent to the principle of JCAT, as I'm sure you know. 
Again, I can't imagine RWS licensing the technology from Telelingua.

Wordfast is one of the most popular TM applications, possibly even second or 
third in terms of use:

The Araya Suite was only launched recently and is still fairly unknown:
Alternatively, in German but with nice pictures of the UI:

> but I can't think that
> the technique of remote translation memory management wasn't already
> innovated before 2001?

I also find it difficult to believe.


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