[Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator R 0.41, po files and more...

I did just do some bring-black-voodoo-magic-to-daylight action and
activated some hidden stuff from gtranslator sources for the GUI -- this
did also involve 4, 5 string changes and within this I did perform a
"make update-po" in gtranslator's po directory and committed the updated
and merged po files into CVS just now.

Pozilla.sh R 5.4 and gtranslator R 0.41 ("VeViTra") will come out in the
next time -- gtranslator R 0.41 will be mainly a smally enhanced new
version of gtranslator. I think, the release should be in more then 2
weeks, so you've got muuuch time to update your translations; just
wanted to pre-inform you a bit.

PS: In CVS I did just also fix the "build-gtranslator-learn-buffer.sh"
script to be syntactically correct, it contained a stupid typo/syntax
error in it's lines, so it didn't work in it's form for R 0.40 -- now it
will work :-)
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