[Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator branching.

gtranslator has now been branched into a stable development branch for
the GNOME 1.x world named "gtranslator-gnome-1" which can be checked out
via 'cvs co -P -r "gtranslator-gnome-1"' gtranslator or updated via 'cvs
up -r "gtranslator-gnome-1"'.

The HEAD branch is now the unstable development base and will be used as
a playing are for the GNOME 2.0 port or/and any other crazy idea coming
into our mind. This information is also written down in the new
"BRANCHES" files in both branches of gtranslator where you can also get
this information.

Coming releases (R 0.41 in the next time) for the GNOME 1.x world will
be all made out of the stable branch, so you'd keep updating your
translations within this branch for maximum visible effort output :-)
<([ Fatih Demir / kabalak / kabalak gtranslator org ])>
<([ ICQ 64241161 / fdemir2 ix urz uni-heidelberg de ])>
<([ Studying Biology @ the University of Heidelberg ])>

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