[Gtranslator-devel] Thanks for bringing "DEIA" to the world!

Thanks to all who helped to develop, code, bug, de-bug this release 0.40 of gtranslator including coders, testers, translators, coming documentators :-)

I would like to see anyone who has contributed in any important kind to the code of gtranslator or gtranslator itself as maybe a coder contact me in the next days for something which doesn't belong to the list here -- look forward to it :-)

For all the good gtranslator-devel fellows here comes also the explanation what "DEIA" means: no, it isn't any gasoline station chain or something another -- it just stands for: "Donatum Est Id Ars" in Latin (freely expressed of course) and means something similar like "The style/culture was given" -- I meant the coding culture which came into gtranslator within the last months and years -- unbelievable but gtranslator will be 3 years old in October 2002!
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