Re: [Gtranslator-devel] bugs

>     Just, in this way I did - like a real dumb user will do ;).
> Heh, previously one couldn't change the charset in the header dialog at
> all -- we did change that some time ago. Or should we make the user take
> less freedom just to ensure the/she doesn't get disappointed/bug'd like
> you were in the situation, erh ;-)

Everything depends how hard is to make the UTF-8 import and export to be
made automatically when such charset is chosen and written to po file. For
me it looks now like a loong weeeekend wooooork. The GtkText should be
able to handle the UTF-8 characters - right? I'm confused here right now.
Looks like it does - so import should be trivial, export should be too if
imported is in UTF-8 - just take the chars and write to the file and add
the gtranslator hidden stuff. I think my problem was that the characters
were not in UTF-8 format in the GtkText.

Blaaa blaaa blaaa,

1. For this release - i do not know what to do, does the disable of the
change of charcode help? Because such bug will quarantee that the
gtranslator will be thrown away by new dumb user, I would do this if I am
not developer of gtranslator. I would think "this is not for work yet".

2. For next release - I think inside gtranslator all texts should be in
UTF-8 and saving is exporting to some codeset and loading is importing to
UTF-8 codeset. This is because UTF-8 is more general than others like 

      Peeter Vois

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