[Gtranslator-devel] [Fwd: 0.39.1] && Greetings .-)

Hm, just wanted to inform you of some congratulations for the latest changes in gtranslator .-)
Görkem finds it "harika" == "wonderful", that Alt-U does now also work for the next fuzzy message.. I didn't recognize this already but he's right, and I do also think, that this change is quite good .-)

Besides this quality feedback, I wanted to wich you all Christian members of the mailing list merry Christmas and all of us a happy, good, successful, gtranslator-using new year -- regardless in which calendary system .-)

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> From: Görkem Çetin <gorkem gelecek com tr>
> To: Fatih Demir <kabalak gtranslator org>
> Subject: 0.39.1
> Date: 25 Dec 2001 04:06:15 +0200
> Bu sürümde sonraki fuzzy (Alt - U) klavye üzerinde. Harika :))

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