Re: [Gtranslator-devel] Recent changes/CVS (thanks Peeter, Gediminas!)

>Gediminas did a big checkin/change in CVS recently, most parts of his
>prefs updates/merges/removals etc. were done now and the major parts
>(almost everything AFAIS; Gediminas, am I right?) of Peeter's patch.

It was almost all Peeter's patch. I left out GUI changes for comments pane:
Peeter wanted to add it to scrolled window, but it won't work well because of the way comments currently are done.

Also I have reindented changed code and renamed something, so if you applied the patch yourself, now will get lots of conflicts.

Also I checked in some changes lying around in my local tree, nothing interesting.

>Maybe you should recompile and reinstall gtranslator from CVS within
>these days to test the new sources... It could be that a new release may
>be approaching... .-)

It crashes sometimes. I was not so careful to read all the patch and make sure it is 100% correct. Try pressing next a lot of times. It crashes for me.

Things I discussed earlier this week are not done yet (removal of some options and sidebar).

OMG, Christmas is so close :(
Gediminas Paulauskas

Nemokama el.pašto dėžutė -

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