[Gtranslator-devel] Feature idea (please comment!)

I just got an idea during a hah-I-did-not-do-any-translation-in-the-last-months-so-let-us-do-one session with gtranslator: wouldn't it be nice if gtranslator would perform some kind of autotranslation aid?

Lemme show you an example:
msgid "About..."
msgstr <You_enter_about_translation_and_omit_the_...>
Wouldn't it make sense if gtranslator would check if the last chars of the msgid are just special punctuation chars like "..." or ":" and append these chars to the msgid if they're missing in the last place?!

I don't mean to do that in a very big-sized view, just for the "...", ":" and possibly also for the related " ..." and " :"/" : " cases? What do you say? Is it just again a kabalak-overkill feature?!

PS: BTW, I will perhaps do the learn buffer -> po export in the meantime if I don't get into a too enar touch of a Lehninger, Lodish or Stryer Biochemistry book in the next time... .-)
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