Re: Ten years with gtkmm, glibmm and other mm modules

Thanks Kjell,

The Inkscape project uses gtkmm and I think our project would not be as
strong as it is without it. And I'm sure when we move to Gtk4, your
work will prove most vital there too. Thank you for all your help,
millions of Inkscape users have benefited from your selfless 10 years
of contribution.

On a note about upstreams:

These upstream projects are dropping lie flies, Inkscape feels like
it's being left somewhat unsupported by all it's dependency libraries
as the economic models of "no model at all" comes and bites us firmly
in the behind. I don't think chaotic-good enthusiasm for the new
technology of the day is going to drive new contributions, even with
community management and a focus on recruitment because let's be
honest, C++ isn't where all the cool kids are these days. (damn you

I'm interested in what projects like Gtk/mm think about downstreams not
being able to invest in their projects and if it's reasonable to expect
more to keep things running.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
Inkscape Developer

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