Re: goocanvasmm and gtkmm4

the point is that more volunteers or paid devs are needed to keep these things up to date. the surest way to make it usable is to contribute.

anyway, gtk and gtkmm 3 won't be goint anywhere for a while. gimp hasnt even moved to 3 yet. so there is absolutely no need or imho point in rushing to 4.

On Fri, 6 Mar 2020, 08:34 Klaus, <lts-rudolph gmx de> wrote:
Am 06.03.20 um 09:07 schrieb Kjell Ahlstedt:
> Anything that works with gtkmm3 will not work with gtkmm4.
> I don't know much about goocanvasmm. I just looked at the
> files in GitLab's repo. I can see that a goovanvasmm-3, meant to work
> with gtkmm4, has been started in the master branch. But it has not been
> updated for a long time. Gtk4 is still changing rapidly. I'm trying to
> keep gtkmm4 updated to fit with the latest changes in gtk4, but I only
> rarely succeed. My guess is that goocanvasmm-3 will need an extensive
> update.

Thanks for your answer! But it sounds a bit horrible as I work on a very
large application which is fully based on goocanvasmm. If this will not
be supported any longer, years of work will be dropped. Is this the
point to move to a more stable gui toolkit instead continuing and hope
there will be any support? That is a very cost intensive decision!


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