Re: goocanvasmm and gtkmm4

Am 06.03.20 um 09:07 schrieb Kjell Ahlstedt:
Anything that works with gtkmm3 will not work with gtkmm4.

I don't know much about goocanvasmm. I just looked at the
files in GitLab's repo. I can see that a goovanvasmm-3, meant to work
with gtkmm4, has been started in the master branch. But it has not been
updated for a long time. Gtk4 is still changing rapidly. I'm trying to
keep gtkmm4 updated to fit with the latest changes in gtk4, but I only
rarely succeed. My guess is that goocanvasmm-3 will need an extensive

Thanks for your answer! But it sounds a bit horrible as I work on a very
large application which is fully based on goocanvasmm. If this will not
be supported any longer, years of work will be dropped. Is this the
point to move to a more stable gui toolkit instead continuing and hope
there will be any support? That is a very cost intensive decision!


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