How to convert OpenCV cv::Mat to gtkmm Gdk::Pixbuf?



I am new to gtkmm, and I am trying to write a GUI for my image processing application(command-line), using gtkmm. After processing a image using opencv, I want to display the result in a Gtkmm' s Image widget. The following is the code I used to setup Gtk::Image:


cv::Mat temp;
const int width = img_window.get_allocation().get_width();
const int height = img_window.get_allocation().get_height();
cv::resize(fusion_img, temp, cv::Size(width, height));
cv::cvtColor(temp, temp, cv::COLOR_BGR2RGB);
img.set(Gdk::Pixbuf::create_from_data(, Gdk::COLORSPACE_RGB, false, 8, width, height, temp.step[0]));

but it display a damaged image. It seems like cv::Mat is not compatible with Gdk::Pixbuf. I need some advice to make it right. Thanks.


Version : opencv4; gtkmm3.0



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