Re: Cannot get button press event on drawing area


If you want to receive button press events, then set the button press mask. If you want to receive button motion events, then set a button motion mask.

It's usually better to use Gtk::Widget::add_events() instead of Gdk::Window::set_events() or Gtk::Widget::set_events().

If you don't want other handlers to receive the event, then it's correct to let draw_get_mouse() return true.

On 2019-02-28 20:39, Радомир Хаџић wrote:
I did what you said but it didn't work for me. I changed



&DrawingArea::draw_get_mouse), false);

but nothing changed. I also tried changed return value of
draw_get_mouse to false even though I don't want to propagate that
signal to other handlers.

I'm also sending modified code, which is also available here:

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