Re: changing cursor

Hi again,

Sorry, I forgot to add the code segment... Probably trying to do too many things at once... Here's where I am right now:

    // the following code workds
    guint *w, *h;
    Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Display> display =
    Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> win =

        Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Cursor> cursor =
        Gdk::Cursor::create(display, Gdk::CROSSHAIR);

// the folling code  doesn't work
        display->gobj(),  w, h);
No idea on how to change the cursor size yet. I've set the cursor size of my gnome cusor to 64 or so, but it doesn't affect the gdk cursor that I've created above.

Thanks again,


On 1/11/19 2:44 AM, Daniel Boles via gtkmm-list wrote:
Why not show what you tried...

On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 02:30, Marty Moore <memoore gunnison com> wrote:
Hi All,

I'm stuck trying to:

a. change the cursor.

b. trying  to change cursor size.

I can change the cursor using a mix of gdk3 and gdkmm code, but it's
messy. What is the proper way to change the cursor in gtkmm3?

Secondly, that is the proper way to change the cursor size? I need large
cursors, but can't find any info on this topic.

Please point me in the right direction. A working example would be

Thank you.


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