Re: Additional Glib::RefPtr Safety Mechanism

On 31/08/2019 16:03, Karsten Pedersen wrote:
The biggest issue is that often many of them wouldn't experience any
catastrophic problems at all. They wouldn't even know anything was
wrong with their code. It is only when I would mark it and send their
binary through Valgrind it would light up like a Christmas tree!
Undefined behaviour is frustrating like that;)

True, but even the best hand-holding nanny-code won't catch all the undefined behaviour - some of it is design rather than implementation - so it would do them good to be left floundering with a program that just misbehaves without warning, to teach them that they will, at some point, hit a mysterious unfathomable problem that doesn't respond to simple static or even run-time checks. Then you can teach them about core dumps and why they're useful ;)

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