Re: Getting GValue* from Glib::Value

I have fixed Glib::Checksum, DateTime and TimeZone in the master branch. These classes are now wrapped as _CLASS_BOXEDTYPE, which means they get Glib::Value specializations. I've also added TODO comments in the glibmm-2-60 branch. Hopefully, I remember to fix it there when glibmm 2.62.0 is released. That fix will not be identical to the one in the master branch. The master branch fix contains a (very small) change in the API (a changed default value in a method that very few users of glibmm will call directly from their own code).

On 2019-04-25 14:24, Pavlo Solntsev via gtkmm-list wrote:
Glib maintainer also wants no change in the implementation of
GDateTime. I like your strategy. Thanks.

On Thu, 2019-04-25 at 13:55 +0200, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
Don't change GDateTime in glib because of Glib::Value<>.
Many boxed types get Glib::Value specializations almost
automatically. Those that are wrapped as _CLASS_OPAQUE_COPYABLE
don't. GDateTime is one of them. I'll either add the Glib::Value
specialization manually to glibmm/datetime.h or make a more general
fix in the _CLASS_OPAQUE_COPYABLE m4 macro.
For the time being I can fix something in the master branch. A fix in
the glibmm-2.4 ABI series has to wait until glibmm 2.62.0. However I
fix it, the fix will include added API and/or ABI.
On 2019-04-24 18:06, Pavlo Solntsev via gtkmm-list wrote:

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