Re: libgdamm development

Thanks, for clarification. I may play with local modulsets. 

On Tue, 2018-09-11 at 15:36 +0200, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
I have not worked with libgdamm, but when looking at some files in
the GitLab repository, I can see that they are out of date and/or
jhbuild's gnome-world.modules file says that libgdamm's master branch
depends on gtkmm-3 (and thus indirectly on glibmm-2.4). This does not
fit with, which says         that libgdamm-6.0 depends
on glibmm-2.56. That's an obsolete name of the new ABI, which is now
called glibmm-2.58, and which is compatible with gtkmm-4.
It looks like the libgdamm-5-0 branch is the one to use in
combination with glibmm-2.4 and gtkmm-3.
I suppose that if you want to work with the libgdamm's master branch,
you have to use the latest versions, i.e. the master branches, also
from gtkmm and the modules it depends on. But that's not what
'jhbuild build libgdamm' will give you.
On 2018-09-11 05:38, Pavlo Solntsev via gtkmm-list wrote:
I am trying to compile libgdamm using jhbuild. Everything was
successfully but not libgdamm.  It looks like it needs very "fresh"
version of glibmm: 

return Glib::make_refptr_for_instance<Gnome::Gda::Batch>(
dynamic_cast<Gnome::Gda::Batch*> (Glib::wrap_auto
take_copy)) );

Could you please share your experience with libgdamm compilation? I
thinking to port some new work in libgda but it is really
if I can't even compile it. Is it really necessary to pull recent
glimmand gtkmm-4? 



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