Re: Looking for support

Dear Kjell.

Patches I submitted to libgda were not even reviewed. The project is
dead. I understand that my involvement into GNOME dev community is very
low to justify writing permissions. Therefore, I forked libgda to I patches don't got to upstream I will push them to
my copy and leave to to community to use the forked version or stay
with the original one. 

On Thu, 2018-03-08 at 10:57 +0100, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
At it's said:
We do request that applicants have submitted a reasonable number of
patches to an existing maintainer, or bugzilla reports before they
request direct commit access. 

You supplied one patch to
793778, but that's probably not enough for you to get commit
permission to the git repository. Have you supplied other accepted
patches? If so, ask the person(s) that reviewed and accepted your
Den 2018-03-05 kl. 21:24, skrev Pavlo Solntsev:
Dear friends.

I am interested in libgda/libgdamm projects. It looks like, the
activity of  the libgda project is very slow. I am interested in
project and see some room for improvements. I want to help with
project. As part of this process, I submitted a request to have
access to the GNOME repo. The administrator is asking for a vouch.
there anyone who can support me in this case?

Please note my e-mail change. 

Thanks for help.


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