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Hi again,

On 25/02/18 04:56, Jens Krause <je krause bluewin ch> wrote:
Hi Jens,

On 24/02/18 13:00, Jens Krause <je krause bluewin ch> wrote:

I understand that one can implement custom TreeModels (to replace
Gtk::ListStore and Gtk::TreeStore). Can this be done by deriving
from Gtk::TreeModel? Do you have a tutorial on this subject.
What would be the skeleton of such a derived class?

class myModel : public ?Gtk::TreeModel{?

  Gtk::TreeModelFlags?	get_flags_vfunc () const;

//.... and other vfuncs


Thanks for any hints.


Maybe, this example can help you:

Have a look at the treeview.cpp and the col_model.cpp

You can find another example in the gtkmm tutorial:

BTW, it'll not build succesfully in debian or devuan jessie (or 
derivatives) due to the version of g++, getting the following errors:

simple-netaid-gtk/include/passwd_dialog.h:32:8: error: ?thread? in 
namespace ?std? does not name a type
 ?? std::thread *m_WorkerThread;
window_main_worker.h:44:16: error: ?mutex? in namespace ?std? does not 
name a type
 ?? mutable std::mutex m_Mutex;


 ? Aitor.

Sorry for the subject.


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