Re: Subclass Gtk::TreeModel

Hi Jens,

On 05/04/18 14:00, Jens Krause <je krause bluewin ch> wrote:
Hallo Aitor

it took a while answer.?

In your example you derive Gtk::TreeView but you use
plain Gtk::ListStore.?

I would like to build my own storage class and therefore
derive from Gtk::TreeModel.



Thanks for your attention, i'm a bit busy these days. I'm trying to finish my .deb repo of gnuinos jessie:

I hope to finish it in a few days. After that, i'll concentrate my energies on ascii (the analogous to debian 9 stretch). Most of my gtk projects are focused to ascii due to the higher version of gtkmm.

I'll be back shortly in this thread...

Have a nice day :)


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