Re: Is Meson on the horizon?


Apologies for missing your email when it was sent. I can certainly try out
what is there, and hopefully help progress to other libraries so the whole
gtkmm and gstreamermm suites can dispense with Autotools.

On Sun, 2017-07-30 at 15:45 +0100, Marcin Kolny wrote:
Hi all,
I've started porting glibmm build to meson. You can find my work in
mkolny/meson-build branch ( For now, I
managed to build glibmm library, I hope giomm will be relatively easy now.
Currently my solution is very 'hacky' - sometimes because of lack of
experience in meson build system, sometimes because of limited features.
I expect that we might have some issues when we're going to generate
release tarballs, however, I'm not that far yet so I can't provide any
details yet.

Any feedback/contribution to the branch is very welcome.

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