Re: GStreamermm and GitHub

On Sat, 2017-09-30 at 15:28 +0100, Daniel Boles wrote:
GNOME is aware of the ageing nature of its infrastructure and therefore is
moving to GitLab. Nautilus has already moved to the new self-hosted

Great news. It must have been a sometimes difficult debate trying to decide
between GitHub, GitLab or something on Whilst GitHub may have
greater mindshare, I think GitLab will be a successful location.
I don't think GIR and C++ are really compatible, though it would certainly
be nice to have some more modern basis than m4 macros. :) But I'm probably
just saying that because I'm still a highly confused Autotools user in my
main project...

Given that D and Rust can create a mostly automated system for generating
bindings, I am surprised to hear C++ would be difficult. Clearly girtod and
gir already exists, and it seems nothing for C++ does. I guess the question is
the a "market" for doing something.

I'm trying to give up all use of Autotools: Meson, SCons, and if necessary
CMake, FTW.
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