Re: Gtk::Builder and item id

On Tue, 7 Nov 2017 09:29:18 +0100
Kjell Ahlstedt <kjellahlstedt gmail com> wrote:
Den 2017-11-07 kl. 00:07, skrev Christian Schoenebeck:

But I guess I have to move this issue over to the Gtk+ list.  
Yes, that's a good idea.
However I wonder if I am really the first one encountering this
issue. I mean it should be quite common to retrieve menu items at
runtime. Or does that mean other people are using a different
approach by assembling menus with

    <object class="GtkMenuItem" id="foo">

format instead?  
The gtk+ demos at contains the
menus.ui file with <item> elements without ids, and the demo.ui file
with elements such as

|<object class="GtkMenuItem" id="open_item"> I don't know if that's
how it's supposed to be, i.e. if you have to use GtkMenuItem when you
want to get a pointer to the menu item from the GtkBuilder. |

Quite a bit in gtk+-3.92 seems to be broken, which may not be too
surprising given that it is the current development branch[1].  For
example I have noticed that GtkPrintOperation doesn't work, which will
be problematic for any program wanting to offer a print option.

It is probably best to treat gtk+-4 as a work in progress.


[1] When gtk+-3.22 was frozen it was the stated hope that gnome
projects would switch to the unstable API leaving gtk+-3 for other
applications.  That hasn't happened - nothing in gnome-3.26 and (as far
as I can tell) gnome-3.27 uses the gtk+-4 branch.

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