Re: Should an iterator be valid after appending to a Glib::ustring?

On 14/03/17 10:39 AM, Daniel Boles wrote:
On 14 March 2017 at 14:29, Krzysztof Piecuch via gtkmm-list < 
gtkmm-list gnome org> wrote:

What about ustring.end() iterator? I think it's obvious that it's 
invalidated each time we change the string's length (unless it's 
done in some *very clever* way). It's a thing no reserve()-ation 
can help.

Right, yeah. Whether an iterator can remain valid also depends on 
what it represents, and .end() is especially vulnerable. Good point!

The simple rule: mutating the container cause iterators to be
invalidated, unless if explicitly said otherwise, like std::list<>.

Addition, removal and moving the elements within the list or across 
several lists does not invalidate the iterators or references. An 
iterator is invalidated only when the corresponding element is 


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