Re: How to produce a 'New Line' in GtkTextView ?

Den 2017-03-12 kl. 13:28, skrev Glus Xof:
Hi guys,

Just in trouble trying to find why GtkTextView doesn't show a new line in this kind of code,

Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TextBuffer> refTextBuffer = Gtk::TextBuffer::create();
refTextBuffer->insert_with_tag (refTextBuffer->end(), ".\n", refTag...);

Notice that the 2nd parameter of "insert_with_tag" is ".\n"... so why "\n" doesn't produce a new line here (instead of writing ".\n") ?


This is strange. Gtkmm's demo program,, contains many lines like
iter = refBuffer->insert_with_tag(iter, "Blah blah\n", "char_wrap");
In the Gtk::TextView such lines end with a new line, not with "\n".

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