Re: Give multi-child containers a convenience Container::add(std::initializer_list) [and maybe ctor] ?

Den 2017-03-10 kl. 10:40, skrev Daniel Boles:
Assuming it's not been discounted already, it would be great if this is the kind of overload of add(), and maybe also construction, that could be added to gtkmm.

Has this been considered and rejected anywhere already? If not, I can add it as an RFE on Bugzilla.

I don't think it has been considered, and certainly not rejected. It's a good idea.
A lot of details can be discussed. There could be
Gtk::Container::add(std::initializer_list<Gtk::Widget*> widgets);
Gtk::Box::pack_start(std::initializer_list<Gtk::Widget*> widgets, PackOptions options);
Gtk::Box::pack_end(std::initializer_list<Gtk::Widget*> widgets, PackOptions options);
It would be even better with a list of references: std::initializer_list<Gtk::Widget&>. Is that possible, or would the compiler try to copy the widgets?

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