Re: Replace Gtk::manage() with std::unique_ptr<>?

Am 08.02.2016 um 21:50 schrieb Murray Cumming:
On Mon, 2016-02-08 at 21:13 +0100, Jonas Platte wrote:
Am 08.02.2016 um 20:42 schrieb Murray Cumming:
Thanks. But that wouldn't involve a std::unique_ptr<> at all. It
doesn't feel much different than what we have with Gtk::manage().

Well, you could still deprecate Gtk::manage

The more I see how awkward my suggestion can be, the more I hesitate to
deprecate Gtk::manage() even if we have support unique_ptr<>.

 and use std::make_unique in
the implementation and reduce the implementation complexity for later
releases this way.

The implementation is in GObject and GtkObject. My hope is to use
std::unique_ptr<> to express ownership, and avoid leaks, until we add
the child to a container.

The logic for the ownership management is in the C libraries? There is
no equivalent to Gtk::manage in gtk+ though, right?

Have you considered std::shared_ptr as well?

I think we'd eventually like to replace Glib::RefPtr<> with
std::shared_ptr<>, keeping a single GObject ref shared between all
std::shared_ptr<>. And hopefully we could make that work with widgets
too. But that's a far bigger, and incompatible, change. Maybe for gtkmm
4 one day.

To use std::shared_ptr<> now, for this simpler use, would cause
confusion with Glib::Reftr<> and be almost as hard to make work.

Well, if the implementation uses Glib::RefPtr<>, why not just create
overloads of all the functions that take references, so they also allow
Glib::RefPtr<>? Then you could create a replacement for Gtk::manage that
is the equivalent of std::make_shared() for Glib::RefPtr<>. And if you
were to move to std::shared_ptr<> in a later version, the transition
would be a simple 's/make_ref_ptr/make_shared/'.

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