Re: Replace Gtk::manage() with std::unique_ptr<>?

Am 08.02.2016 um 20:42 schrieb Murray Cumming:
Thanks. But that wouldn't involve a std::unique_ptr<> at all. It
doesn't feel much different than what we have with Gtk::manage().

Well, you could still deprecate Gtk::manage and use std::make_unique in
the implementation and reduce the implementation complexity for later
releases this way.

It also forces the add() to to the beginning. I tend to prefer doing
that at the end, after setting up the child widget. I generally assume
that changing the state of the child after it is in a container might
trigger useless processing which I could avoid by doing it before
adding it to the container.

Okay, I didn't know about this. In that case I think there will probably
be no really satisfying solution with std::unique_ptr.

Have you considered std::shared_ptr as well? I'd assume wouldn't have a
noticable performance overhead over Gtk::manage, and again, this could
mean a reduced implementation complexity in a future release where
Gtk::manage would be removed. Otherwise it is pretty much the same
though, with the small advantage that you don't have to use new anymore,
although you could create a std::make_shared like version of Gtk::manage
as well (and std::make_shared is only available in C++14, not C++11).

Allowing use of unique_ptr<> seems more flexible.

I think flexibility wouldn't really be an advantage here, unless you
plan to remove the ability to remove the ability to add Widgets to
containers without the container owning the widget.

You're even more flexible with manual memory management ;)

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