Re: Cannot Initialize GValue with type 'gfloat'

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Cole Bush <bush c husky neu edu> wrote:
Glib-GObject-WARNING **: /file/path/gvalue.c:181: cannot initialize GValue
with type 'gfloat', the value has already been initialized as 'gfloat'

Looks like Gst::ValueList::get() calls Glib::Value::init() which
should only be done once. Since you are in a loop, it is done more
than once. Looks like the glibmm doesn't have g_value_unset() wrapped.
You can put g_value_unset(mag.gobj()) at the top of your loop. Or you
can put the the GLib::Value<float> mag declaration at the top of your

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