Re: Gio::File missing attribute definitions?

Unless you're using glib and not glibmm, you probably want
std::string Gio::FileInfo::get_display_name()

Oh indeed - I didn't see that and was using get_attribute_as_string().

Remember the gtkmm docs are parsed from the gtk; sometimes it
requires manually correcting  the references to their gtkmm
companion, and things do get missed.

Ah yes, that's where I was getting confused - the reference wasn't gtk
or gtkmm so I wasn't sure what the correction should be.  As Marcin
pointed out, adding G_ onto the front of the gtkmm suggestion did work.

I'm guessing I should still call
Otherwise it will presumably retrieve a bunch of attributes that I
don't need?  Or does Gio::File::get_*() only retrieve attributes on


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