Re: Gio::File missing attribute definitions?

Definition of FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_DISPLAY_NAME doesn't exist in glibmm, but you should use G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_DISPLAY_NAME instead, which is defined in gio/gfileinfo.h (you probably don't have to explicitly include this file).

2015-05-26 7:07 GMT+02:00 Adam Nielsen <a nielsen shikadi net>:
Hi all,

Reading the documentation for Gio::File::get_basename() it says:

  If you want to use filenames in a user interface you should use the
  display name that you can get by requesting the

I'm assuming this means Gio::File::query_info(), however
FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_DISPLAY_NAME is undefined and I can't work out
whether I have to call that something else as well, and if so, what.

There doesn't seem to be any other reference to it in the docs, and
even grepping the include files doesn't show any definitions.

Where is this one defined?

Many thanks,

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Marcin Kolny

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