GTKmm and libc++


I'm currently beginning to learn Linux build tools, since so far I've been simply using QtCreator with qmake to manage compilation and linking of my C++ programs for me.

My question is: is GTKmm working correctly with libc++?
And my second question, since I'm a beginner, is it possible (I would guess it is, but would like to make sure) to compile and link a "local" version of GTKmm against libc++; by "local" I mean a version, which would then be linked only to my application (I'm running Gnome desktop and have at least one package dependant on distro-provided build of GTKmm; I certainly would not like to recompile all dependant packages).

And a note: I don't mind static linking, since I'm using GPL anyway.


Maciej Sauermann

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