Downloading GTK++ Dev for Windows

Hi Everyone,


First off, I’m a relative newbie to gnome development, so please be nice J


I’m porting an existing system over to Windows and am needing to compile libxml++, requiring glibmm > 2.31.2. As such, I’m trying to download the latest GTKmm build, but the download link at which returns a 404 at


The only resource I could find was the wiki page ( linking to the FTP server ( but the last build there was 2010-11 for version 2.22 of GTK.


Can anyone advise what the broken link should be or where I can obtain the most recent GTKmm release with the newer glibmm builds?


I did download the latest glibmm on its own but MSVC is giving me a whole bunch of missing files for some reason, so I thought GTKmm might be an easier ‘all-in-one’ solution ready to go. If I can’t get the latest GTKmm on Windows, getting glibmm working manually will be my next point of attack.






Dr. James Walsh


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