Hi Phil and Tristan, gtk and gtkmm users,

I know what were my mistakes. First, I'm using since few days,
so I didn't take care enough when looking for examples on internet by
if I was watching a pure gtk3 example or gtkmm3...

that point makes me messing some functions made for gtk3 and gtkmm3...

I even made the mistake by choosing the wrong mailing list... since I
sent a mail to the gtk mailing list instead of gtkmm...

my second mistake, was to use (un)summon the dialog with show() and
close(). I was a big part of my weekend looking... struggling... for a
function like getTheResponseFromThatDamnDialog()...

why I didn't use run() ? because I thought that run() was to be called
only one time per application, because when I write a program, run() is
the fonction who nests my mainloop... so I got confused. I just wake
up this morning, and after the mail of Phil I was AT LEAST considering
that run() can be the solution...

everything works so far...

thx to both of you,
Phil and Tristan.

Regards, to everyone


n.b. to Tristan : sorry I sent to you an email, when I respond to a
mail wich comes from a mailling list I forget sometime to change the
delivery adress.

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