GtkFileChooserDialog how to ... ?

Hi people,
I have difficulties to figure how to use the GtkFileChooserDialog.
First In glade I added two buttons, one "OK" with the "response ID" of
"0" and the second "CANCEL" with the "response ID" of "1".

now I want to connect two signals, one for each "response ID". I'm lost
at that point, thx to the documentation :

I have to found some "Glib::SignalProxy" but there is a heck for me,
because I don't know to whom. Is it for a button, for the
GtkFileChooserDialog or for the GTKButtonBox, or something else ? I
didn't found the response so far...

I guess I should have something like :

[? gtk widget ?]->[? the proxy ?].connect( sigc::ptr_fun( MyFunction ));

I also have a second problem, I'm not sure if I should connect a
signal_clicked() for each button to close the GtkFileChooserDialog, or
if there is some functions especialy to close a GtkFileChooserDialog.

For information, I'm using glade3.


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