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I've been working on a C++ project and recently I started adding doxygen
support based on mm-common. It's a bit different so I didn't just paste the
code as-is:

- It uses only POSIX features (e.g. no GNU make functions like patsubst and no
  wildcards) so it doesn't need the -Wno-portability flag (I use the 'find'
  instead, some Automake features and a bit of trivial targets copied
  from generated Makefile) 
- It builds 2 separate sets of docs (1 for API, 1 is full code reference for
- Installation uses regular rules and not a Perl script - although I haven't
  yet implemented using tag files so maybe those will require Perl (I don't
  know yet why Perl is needed there, haven't checked)

Today I finished writing the first version of this setup and it failed at `make
distcheck` because the HTML files are in MAINTAINERCLEANFILES and not
DISTCLEANFILES. That makes sense - delete the docs only on
`make maintainer-clean`. But how to make `make distcheck` not complain due to
these files not deleted on `make distclean`?

I read about how to do it, but I didn't see that mm-common does anything like
that. So I had an idea - maybe glibmm, gtkmm, etc. simply don't pass `make
distcheck`. I decided to check.

I failed to build them, and I couldn't find info about it, so I decided to ask
here - how do these modules pass `make distcheck`? It expects disted files to
be distributed at distclean time, but it doesn't happen.

What I did was to install mm-common from git, and then try building glibmm and
gtkmm. They gave errors about ENABLE_DOCUMENTATION not defined with a
AM_CONDITIONAL. Was there another step, e.g. manually copying mm-common files
into glibmm tree, which I missed?

Thanks in advance!

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