Re: Problems to build the last gtkmm release libraries

I have just used jhbuild to build the latest version of gtkmm. No problems!

You showed in that your jhbuildrc file contains
modules = [ 'librsvg', 'glibmm', 'gtkmm' ]
The command 'jhbuild list gtkmm' does not list librsvg. I don't think you have problems building gtkmm, you have problems building librsvg. But it is strange. pangocairo is part of pango, and 'jhbuild list librsvg' shows that jhbuild shall build pango before it builds librsvg.


2014-03-21 11:42, Glus Xof skrev:
Hi guys,

As mentioned yesterday, it's not possible yet (almost to me...) to build from scratch gtkmm libraries using jhbuild, while the process breaks on trying to configure librsvg.

The question seems to be that it needs one newer version of 'pangocairo', and I guess that this should be provided correctly by the system.

Forgive me if you are not the suitable list, but I don't know who is the responsible of solving this inconsistence.

Meanwhile... I'd like to ask you for the work around, if anyone can suggest anything...



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