Help with Lifeograph bug: possibly gtkmm related


I'm the Fedora maintainer for Lifeograph[1]. I've recently begun testing
Gnome 3.12 using the COPR repository that the Fedora workstation SIG has
set up for us[2]. 

Since upgrading to the new Gnome packages, Lifeograph segfaults. I've
filed a bug upstream here[3].

Since upstream hasn't moved on to Gnome 3.12 yet, they're unable to look
the issue at the moment. I was wondering if one of the gtkmm devs could
please look at the stack trace to see if it was a minor bug caused by
some API/ABI changes, and if so, we could may be help upstream with a
patch? Unfortunately, I'm not a developer myself and haven't the cycles
to scale the required learning curve in the short term future.

Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)

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